A heartbeat tells us more than the difference between life and death. Our heart rates on breathing, movement and thoughts. A negative thought effects our rate. A happy one does too. Our heartbeat is the main part of our emotions. The chaos in our patterns tells us we are stressed, angry or frustrated. It has a negative effect on our performances and our interpretations. A stable heart pattern gives us the ability to oversee our actions. In the future every person gets a build-in heart-monitor right after birth. Everything around men reacts to heart rates. The intensity of the street lights the maximum speed in the cars. Our whole world is built around the beats of our heart. A new material is created that distracts oxygen from the air. The main part of this new material is cobalt. The oxygen can be released where and when needed. This material takes a few seconds to a few minutes to collect the oxygen. Ones it’s captured it holds the oxygen. For releasing it, the material only needs to be warmed a little, the warmth of a lighter is enough.
This is the ACORRATE, a precise heart regulator. The big amounts of oxygen you breathe lower your heart rate. With the ACORRATE you can, despite your emotional condition, take back control over your environment.

These developments brought an unforeseen consequence: breathing pure oxygen is now illegal.